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House of Candles
Henryville, PA

One of my favorite places to visit when I head back to the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania is The House of Candles near Mount Pocono in Henryville. These are the only candles I will burn, mainly because they burn well and because of the many scents and styles to choose from. They fill your home with wonderful scents and I never had one catch on fire.

You can order their candles online now from their website at but it is well worth a visit if you are in the area. The gift shop has four levels and you can even watch the candles being made.

The kids will enjoy seeing all the animals at the farm located right behind the shop.

Amber Steakhouse
Mount Pocono, PA

After leaving The House of Candles we wanted to have a light lunch. I researched on the internet the local restaurants and found the Amber Steakhouse, which we loved. It was 11am and the bar was filled already....Its a Pennsylvania thing, some bars are open at 7 am because of so many shift workers. When you work on third shift and get off work at 7 am, that is their night-cap before heading home to sleep. Canadians find it odd, as in Ontario they are not allowed to serve alcohol before 11 am.

One thing I like about restaurant websites is that they list a complete menu with prices. You can see the Amber Steakhouse's extensive menu on their website by clicking here.

The place was very spacious with many dining rooms and one room dedicated to their soup and salad bar. Being that it was early and they were just starting to serve lunch, the waitress said some items were not available yet, but to let her know and she would see what she could do. We opted for the 8 ounce Angus Beef steak sandwich for $6.99 which included potato and the soup and salad bar. It was very good and we would like to get back sometime for dinner.

As you can see from the windows on both sides, the Amber Steakhouse is located at the intersections of Route 611 on the right and Route 314 on the left.