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NASCAR - Guide to tracks, etc

I am really thinking of revamping my NA$CAR page. I'm really not even into the sport at all this year. It just don't seem like the good old hometown sport anymore, or did it just get too commercialized? All the bickering between who gets dates at what tracks.. and now it seems like they are trying to make it a sport for only the wealthy and not the good old Saturday night racing where a family could afford to attend. For the life of me, I can not understand how I$C justifies saying by reducing the cooler size makes us safer. Our coolers were always thoroughly checked,, if not more so in the pre 9/11 days. I think they should really be checking the vehicles that are being brought into the infield and the track, rather than capitalizing on our coolers. We are gouged enough in what we pay for tickets, hotels, parking and food, and now they won't let us save what little we can by bringing into the track a few cold beers and water and soda. We do this also because we pay to see the race, not stand in line to wait for a cold drink. Well I'm going to start patronizing the tracks and websites that stand up for our rights as race fans! If anyone has any comments or would like to recommend a website or even write some comments, I would be more than happy to include them here! Please email me at The only thing running though my brain right now is the song... American Pie.... The Day the music died!! For my husband it was the day Dale died... for me it was that and the day Ernie Irvan retired...and for the future it will be the day we tell our childen... Once upon a time, there used to be a great sport called NASCAR

SPEEDWAYS - ordering tickets

Nascar Fans Against ISC (I removed the ISC link untill they let us have our coolers back)
Fans Unite and Boycott I$C for using 9-11 as a sad excuse to put restrictions on our coolers
Nascar Race Tickets
There are many places to order tickets online. My best advice though, is to order them from the track directly, and a year in advance is always a good idea!!!
Lowes Motor Speedway
Talladega SuperSpeedway BOYCOTT ISC TRACK
Talladega Superspeedway... need I say more?
Bristol Motor Speedway
Bristol, TN
Dover Downs - Delaware
The state where I was born. Never been here yet, but plan on going soon, especially for the slots at the track.
Pocono Raceway - Pennsylvania
Thanks Pocono, for not changing your cooler policy:-)
Supermodified Racing
Very informative site for local racing from Ontario, Canada and Upstate NY.
Texas Motor Speedway
Congrats to Texas on letting us have our coolers!! They even sent out 14x14 coolers to ticket holders who renewed their tickets.

Nascar Links

My favorite racing site, Up to date news!
Thats Racin`
Another good race site!
What more can I say! NA$
One of the first racing websites I ever surfed!
Lots of info here too!
Jayski's Silly Season
A great racing site, filled with tons of information!
Lori's War Wagon
A humorous look at NASCAR from the excellent cartoons done by Lori!
My Accomodations Page
Find a Hotel close to where your going.. Get better rates on your own!
ARF - American Race Fan
Lots of Racing info and good TV listings page too!
Motorsports TV
See when all your favorite events are on TV
Ted's Nascar Winston Cup
News stats and more, A very nice memorial to J.D. McDuffie on this site.

April 2002 pictures from Talladega, Plus 2 extras

Click here to be taken to Road Trip to Talladega.

Harry Gant at Pocono and Me & Jimmy Spencer at the Hazleton, PA Mcdonalds

Dale Earnhardt Tool Box For Sale

This Dale Earnhardt 6 time champion, limited edition Snap-on tool box has never been used. You can see the plasic that has been covering it, off to the right on the floor and the front handle and keys are still in the plastic bag and never been touched, Manual is also untouched. If you would like information on this, or like to make an offer e-mail