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WATERTOWN, New York (Home of Lake Effect Snow)

When we journey back to Pennsylvania, the weather sometimes changes drastically. We have often crossed the bridges at the 1000 Islands only to find knee high snow on Interstate 81 in Watertown. I always have some hotel coupons from stashed away just for this occasion as we have been forced to stay there many times. I say forced, but we really enjoy it. We have even stayed when the weather is not bad, only because we got a late start on our trip, which was the case this time. This trip we were caught off guard and our favorite Hotel (the Econo Lodge) which we usually get for $40 a night with the coupon, was all booked up because of Graduation night in Watertown and the Canadian Victoria Day Weekend. The Econo Lodge has a beautiful Glass enclosed Indoor Pool, which is fun when there is a huge blizzard outside. And Benny's Steakhouse adjacent to the hotel is a good choice for steaks and seafood or even a light snack.

Pete's Restaurant Watertown, NY

The Travelodge Hotel on Arsenal Street


After finding that most of the hotels were booked, they recommended the Travelodge just a few blocks down on Arsenal Street which we got for just $50. No pool, but it was getting late and we were hungry. As we always enjoyed Bennys Steakhouse, we didn't feel like driving anymore and decided to walk across the street to the little Italian Restaurant called Pete's. It looked small from the outside, but what a surprise! We entered the separate entrance for the dining room and were told there was no smoking, but after we ordered the friendly waitress told us we could go out to the bar area, that there was a table for two that we could have a smoke before dinner. My husband ordered the filet (which was a very nice size and very good!) and I chose the steak and shrimp which was more than enough. It also came with a loaf of fresh bread and a very fresh salad and your choice of potato or vegetable.

After dinner we had a very enjoyable time at the bar talking with the owner and his family. We were curious as to why all the Calgary hockey memoribilia in the bar area, being that we were in New York. It seems the owners son-in-law is Craig Conroy (a former Pottsdam, NY resident) who is now with the Calgary NHL team. Also the owner was familiar with my former hometown of Hazleton, PA and we had a good talk about that too.

All in all this was a most enjoyable evening and we can't wait to visit there again. The food was excellent and the whole surroundings were very comfortable and friendly.

Pete's is located at 111 Breen Avenue in Watertown, NY just across from the Travelodge on Arsenal Street. Phone: 315-782-6640

Former Watertown Motels

One of our favorite places to stay along the way to Canada when I was a child, was the Howard Johnsons motor lodge on Arsenal Street. Not just because that was my fathers name, but because I loved the outdoor pool and the fried clams! The hotel is still standing but opperating under a different name and the restaurant was boarded up for years and was just demolished this year(02) How Sad:-(

Once the HoJo's had no vacancy (it was a popular place) and we had to stay in downtown Watertown at the Holiday Inn on Washington Street, which was a very nice place. I think it is now a Best Western.

Watertown, NY LINKS

Econo-Lodge - Watertown, NY
The rooms are OK, nothing more, but the indoor Pool is great and we get a good deal with the coupon!
Salmon Run Mall - Watertown, NY
This is a favorite shopping Mall for alot of Canadians to take a day trip across the 1000 islands border and do some US shopping.
Fort Drum, New York
If you notice alot of Military presence here, its because the Fort Drum Military Base is located a short distance away.
Travelodge - Watertown, New York
No pool here, but a nice friendly restaurant within walking distance makes this hotel a good choice.