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Le Papillon
16 Church Street
Toronto, ON

This month we were looking for a place to celebrate my husbands birthday and my passing of the Canadian Citizenship test. We had planned on Ruth Chris Steakhouse, but the prices were just a little too high for any normal person on earth. $45 for an entree and $7.95 for a potato and an additional $7.95 for a vegetable. I did hear they have great food but spending over $60. for food, not including drinks, on a meal I better be celebrating winning the lottery:-)

I checked out the reviews on-line and I found Le Papillon, who offered a filet for $25, including all the trimmings.

It was a bit noisy inside, because it was busy, but a very bright, well lit atmosphere. Which my husband appreciates. (I carry a small flashlight for some restaurants, where he can't see the menu)

Much to our surprise, when I phone for a reservation, they told me they did have a smoking section. COOL! When we were seated in the restaurant, it didn't look like he put us in the smoking section, so he said he would have to take us upstairs. Well upstairs was only about six steps up in the front of the restuarant. It was great, we had the whole room to ourselves at first, then a few others did come in. This will end on June 1st when Ontario imposes more regulations on smokers. Many restaurants had spent a lot of money installing special ventilation for private smoking only rooms, and its sad to see it end. These regulations have forced many bars and restaurants to close.

We started off with the french onion soup which I thought was the best I ever had. My husband didn't care for it, but then they used swiss cheese which he don't like. We both had the Steak au Poivre which is a prime cut of aged Filet Mignon seared to perfection and coated with a superb Brandy, Dijon and black peppercorn cream sauce. It came with asparagus, which is our favorite, and mashed potatoes. We opted for frites, which I imagine is the french word for fries. I was going to ask for Freedom Fries, but I didn't think they would get my humor.

My mother in-law, who has been to Le Papillon many times, opted for the Tourtière which is an authentic Québécois meat pie, baked with seasoned pork, veal and beef. Served with house chutney and all the trimmings. In the past she has had the crepes, but really enjoyed the Tourtiere and the private room, even though she don't smoke. Le Papillon had great service and food and we will visit there again.