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Yuengling Brewery-Pottsville, PA *****

With the weather finally breaking, its time to travel. We took a 4 day weekend and went back to Pennsylvania to visit with my family for the Easter Holiday. We took a day trip to Pottsville, PA to tour the Yuengling Brewery (America's Oldest Brewery) While we were outside taking pictures and waiting for the tour to start, we saw the owner Dick Yuengling, and stupid me,, I had my Camera turned off. The Tour was free and you got to sample 2 different kinds of beer at the end. I did sample their new beer. Yuengling Lager Light, which was very good. My brother tried the Black and Tan and my husband sampled the Chesterfield Ale. You can see some of the pictures below of the brewery!

Yuengling Brewery, Pottsville, PA

Notice the murals on the wall and the skylight

Free Samples at the Bar!!

White Haven, PA (Pocono Area)

Next we took a senic ride to Francis E Walter Dam. We heard the water level was high, and my husband wanted to see it since they had the road closed off. Last summer we visited the dam and were parked where the water now covers. That was a day we will never forget, as my husband was filming the vultures perched on the rocks, and later that evening while watching the local news we realized at the time we were there 2 boys had drowed in the dam. Water can be beautiful, but at the same time, you must respect it! When the water is released from the dam, it provides lots of enjoyment for the White Water Rafters along the Lehigh River, I have added some pictures of the dam and some links to rafting adventures below. I think this summer, we will have to try out the rafting!
On our way back, we stopped at Hannah's Ugly Mug Restaurant in the little town of White Haven, PA I'll give this place a 5 star rating, as its one of our favorites. My husband always enjoys the Black Diamond Steak, but was dissapointed with the salad. It was in a very small bowl and overflowing and difficult to cut it without spilling onto the table. And for the rest of us, we all had a different all-you-can-eat special for $6.99 which came with cole slaw and fries. I had the fried clams, my Mom had the fried haddock and my brother opted for the BBQ ribs. Theres always different specials on the chalk board every day. Sometimes its a full course meal special from soup & salad to dessert. I enjoy the turkey dinner, as you get more than enough and your own mini gravy boat on your platter to add as much or as little as you prefer. Dinner and Drinks for 4 people came to $47. which is an excellent deal!

Notice the road goes into the water. When the water level gets released there is a parking lot where the water is now

This is the road on the side we are on.

When the water is released into the Lehigh River, its great for the White Water Rafters.

Lehigh River & Rafting Links -Not Rated, as I haven't tried it yet

Whitewater Challengers - White Haven, PA
Start off in Lehigh River Gorge in White Haven or Rockport. Its very senic, one of my favorite places to enjoy the great outdoors!
Lehigh River Water Trail
A recreational waterway.
Lehigh Rafting Rentals
I think this might be the one for me to try this summer, as you can rent a raft and go at your own pace, not with a bunch of strangers.
Lehigh River Whitewater
This is a very informative site, with virtual photo tours.


If your in this area of Pennsylvania, you must take a drive to Kowaloneck's meat market in Shenandoah, PA. During the holiday's people line up outside the store waiting to get inside just to get a number to be served. People travel for miles just to get some of this delicious Kielbasy. I have been buying it for years, and didn't know if I would get back to PA in time before they ran out, so I sent my Mom and Brother to pick me up some. They said the place was packed. I have never been to the store myself, but if someone's making a trip to the story you can be sure they will have a long list from friends. So check out Kowaloneck's Kielbasy Shop You won't be disappointed! They won't take orders, its first come, first served, but as long as your not visiting around Easter, you don't have to worry!