Hampton, Inn Cortland, New York

We were traveling to PA at the end of the month to visit some immediate family in the hospital. While we knew we would arrive after visiting hours were way over, we decided to get a room for one night of relaxation before we had to deal with hospital visits. I did my usual searching for a hotel along our travels from Canada and chose Cortland, New York because it was closer to our destination. I love the searching for a room just as much as staying in one. I have 5 criteria for a room, best price, clean, smoking, and jacuzzi, and a nearby restaurant. I have found all 5 criteria in the Comfort Inn in Cortland, but since I really needed some R&R for only one night, I decided on the Hampton Inn. It was $139. compared to the $99. in the Comfort Inn, but I decided to splurge, since in my opinion the Hampton Inn chain was a better quality, which I changed my opinion on that since this stay. We had just come through a torrential hail storm which pounded our van with 1 inch size hail and were glad to be at our destination. I was only half-way through the lobby, approaching the front desk, when the clerk yelled across the room, "CAN I HELP YOU"

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