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We spent almost every weekend in the month of June at the 1000 Islands. Being that I broke my arm last September and didn't get much use out of our boat, we needed to make up for it. And so far we are doing that. We finally named our boat. Check it out!

I wanted to name it but my hubby said NO WAY, so since we love cruising in the 1000 Islands we agreed on 1000 Island Dressing! We are planning a month at Lake Scugog, which is closer to home for us and a whole week at Bobs Lake later in the summer! WOOOHOOOO my favorite place in Canada!!!!!!!

One of my hundreds of pictures of the geese.

Here are a few pictures from an evening of cruising with the neighbors in their new boat. Theres no better way to view the sunset!

Captain Michel & First Mate Deb enjoying the sunset

My better half and ME


Along the 1000 islands parkway you will find the little town of Rockport. We just love to go to the Boathouse Country Inn for breakfast or lunch. What makes it even more fun is getting there by boat instead of by car.

A view from the water

Our boat docked at the Restaurants slips. They even have a dock steward to show you where to dock and help tie you up. I really like that!

The first day we went here, we were a little late for breakfast and they were just changing menus. We could of went to the Sunday brunch at the Tavern next door, but we don't care much for brunches! I had the fish and chips, and my husband had the chicken fingers, both which were very good. It was very enjoyable to eat overlooking the water. We are not usually the patio kind of people, but with all the smoking by-laws we are adapting very fast.

Hubby on the outdoor patio, with the Rockport Church in the background.

Below is a picture of an old Ford which was on display. My husband and I have a saying about what FORD stands for, but I won't mention it here. hehehe You can see in the background the balconies for the Bed & Breakfast rooms on top of the Boathouse Restaurant.

Above is the Boathouse Tavern, which is next to the Boathouse Restaurant. Below is a side view of the motel units. The one pictured on the end with the balcony is the jacuzzi suite. They all have a nice view.

The photo below is the ticket booth for the boat cruises you will see as soon as you drive into Rockport.

The above picture is the entrance from the parking lot to the Ship's Galley Restaurant & Patio Bar at the Rockport Boat Lines. They are located next door to the Boathouse Country Inn. The photo below is their patio overlooking the St. Lawrence.

The Birds of the 1000 Islands

Here are some picture of the many birds of the islands. A bird watchers paradise!

An Osprey in its nest

A Golden Eagle! What a treat to see. We also saw some Bald Eagles and their nest on an island off of Shipmans point, but unfortunately I didn't have my camera.

Great Blue Heron

Some Canadian Geese lounging on a raft

Double-crested Cormorants (the black birds) on the rocks. I wonder who painted them rocks white? hehehe

I had never really noticed the Cormorants until 2 years ago. They migrate similar to the Canada Goose. My husband told me how the Chinese use this bird as a fishing tool which is very interesting. You can read about it by clicking HERE

I have also read where the increase in the Cormorant population has had a negative impact on the fish population and also the charter fishing boats in the area. You can read about this by clicking HERE
I just wonder since the charter fishermen are complaining about the Cormorants hurting their business, then why don't they do like the Chinese do and use the Cormorants to catch the fish. Now that would be an interesting Charter fishing trip. No fishing poles, use the birds.Just think of all the poor little worms whose lives would be spared! hehehe