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Port Whitby Marina - Ontario 2005

Port Whitby Marina in Whitby Harbour on Lake Ontario, view from Whitby Yacht Club

We never made it to the 1000 Islands with our Bayliner as first planned. We realized that we could get more use out of our boat with it closer to home, rather than a 2 1/2 hour drive every weekend, which in the busy summer months turns into sometimes a 4 or 5 hour drive each way on the busy 401. We enjoyed Port Whitby Marina for 2 full seasons, and still enjoy getting together with the many friends we made there.

One of the first weekends sleeping on board I was awoken at 4 am by a splashing sound and something banging on the hull. I thought maybe something was wrong with the boat and we had sprung a leak. I went above deck and could see this splashing all around the slips and boats. It was eerie in the darkness, and reminded me of the loch ness monster. Once it got light out, we found out it was the carp spawning. This went on for about 2 weeks.

As you can see by the size of the carp, they are MONSTERS!

There is always a nice view, be it a sunset or a rainbow.

or a Great Blue Heron landing on the pier

One of the highlights of the summer was being invited to a wedding across the Whitby Harbour at the Whitby Yacht Club (above 2 photos) and being able to go the wedding by boat rather than car. As you can see, our boat looked minature compared to all the sailboats. The brides parents (The Meulemans) sailboat is pictured behind ours. Nothing beats leaving a wedding, and being able to spend the night in your boat. The Whitby Yacht Club is very cozy with the upstairs for parties and events, having two balconies overlooking Lake Ontario and the other overlooking Whitby Harbour. The downstairs has a nice relaxing bar/restaurant with a fireplace, TV and plenty of room for the members to socialize or just relax on a rainy day.

Whitby Harbor Days

Visiting Boats at Whitby Marina

The one evening while talking to some friends in the Marina parking lot, I saw this little car drive by, and I knew immediately it was an Amphicar. I only ever saw one once at the boat show, and again on a menu cover at Oak Shores Marina on Little bald lake, now home to our last boat. So I ran up to the launch ramp and enjoyed the show!!

Much to my surprise, after talking with the owners, this WAS the exact car that I saw on the Menu cover for the restaurant at Oak Shores. Which I might add, is the type of restaurant/clubhouse I would find ideal for a marina,,, great inexpensive food and bar menu, pool table and big screen TV, supplies, groceries and COZY! The best place around to just relax on a rainy day when the boating sux! You can see this exact amphicar on the menu at Oak Shores resort on my boating page by clicking here.

One of the perks of my job, is that I get to tour some nice boats and meet some fascinating people, like Dennis Raedeke and his family aboard Wild Wind IV a Malcolm Tennant design. Wild Wind IV, pictured below, was the first power catamaran to cross the Pacific. I arranged overnight docking for them in Port Whitby, as they were on their way home to Wisconsin from New Zealand.

Another impressive boat was Benno and Marlene Klopfer's Diesel Duck,(pictured below) which is a George Buehler design. George's boats will get you anywhere!

You can read a letter from Marlene and Benno in Venezuala by clicking here.


Marina Manager Keenan Watters and his SAX

Al Matthews entertaining on the patio.

Halloween Pub night

"The Gang" We took this photo at a marina pub night when my husband applied to be on the special Canadian version of Deal or No Deal hosted by Howie Mandel. My husband John is in the back on the left, and the other John is on the right. Chris, me and trim tab in the front. We were all his support group. We were going with the Marina and Boating theme, as we figured it was really Canadiana. We never expected half of Canada to apply and of course to be beat out by a Gay Rodeo star, well I won't say no more.

Boating Fun at Port Whitby

And here is proof that Winter SUX