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JULY!! Possibly the most popular vacationing month in the whole year. I don't know if its the weather or what that makes people want to vacation in July. So if you don't like vacationing with lots of other tourists in the HEAT and BUGS and paying full Hotel rates, then pick another month. hehehehe As for us, we only spent a weekend at the 1000 islands. None of the below links are rated, but just of few of the places we saw along the way that looked GREAT.


1000 Islands-Ivy Lea KOA
If camping is your thing, This is the place!!
Hovercraft Tours
The newest thing on boat tours in the 1000 islands!! See the picture below and check back for our September reviews, as we plan to take a ride!!!
1000 Islands Ivy Lea
Purchase a map online, and check out the beautiful Capricorn Motel nestled in the village of Ivy Lea along the St. Lawrence.
Boathouse Country Inn and Tavern - Rockport Ontario
This looks like a nice place to try, located in the beautiful little village of Rockport on the St. Lawrence.

The Cottage

Smugglers Cove Restaurant and Bar

1000 Islands Skydeck

The Hovercraft in Gananoque