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Niagara Falls - February 2008

Nightmares Fear Factory
5631 Victoria Avenue
Niagara Falls, Canada
905-357-FEAR (3327)

Attractions are everywhere in Niagara Falls, and we have been there so many times, and still have not seen them all. Some come and go, and some are staples of the Clifton Hill area. Luckily for us, we don't have kids wanting to drag us into every attraction they see, so we can pick and choose where to go. We were invited this year to visit Nightmares Fear Factory on Victoria Avenue. Just go to the top of Clifton Hill and make a right. It opens at noon everyday.

Since my husband and I are approaching the half a century mark this year and next, we are getting a bit too old for the attractions, or so we thought. Some of the attractions are boring, some repetitive, and some just lame, but we really enjoyed this one. After reading the brochure about "The Legend" I was a bit more intrigued as the building has a haunted history, being the site of the once industrious Cataract Coffin Factory. We had to first stop at The Wild Mushroom, our favorite bar in Niagara, which is located right next door, to have some liquid courage, and hear some stories about their ghost sightings. Well at least I needed some courage as I once saw an apparition of a woman in my Aunt's house in Allentown, PA when I was about 14 years old. She was a bit foggy looking, with a long flowing gown, and just looked at me. I just assumed it was my Aunt checking on me, on her way out of the bathroom at night, and when I sat up in bed and spoke to her she just floated on by. Needless to say, I got teased about this for many years, but I know what I saw!

As you can tell from the photo above, I looked scared. My husband, the non-believer, didn't look scared, but in fact was really impressed with the whole experience. Now I am the one who has no night vision at all. I can not see a thing in the dark, where as my husband can. He laughs at me feeling my way around at home in the dark. Well it was my turn to laugh back, as it was SO DARK, he must have walked into at least a dozen walls!! It was great. We didn't even know that they took a photo of us until the end.

There are all kinds of t-shirts and gifts available in the Shop of Horrors. With my favorite Gargoyles!
We will definately be back next year, as I wanted to buy a really cool ashtray that I saw, but was so excited at the end of it all, that I forgot to buy it.
So rather than deciding where to go, I suggest go to Nighmares Fear Factory first, then you will not waste any time or money with the others, you might even want to do it again and again.
Click here to see an actual ghost sighting in thier lobby as filmed by a recent guest.