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February - Happy Valentines Day!

No vacations for us this month, but just some local dinners, etc. You can never tell what kind of weather you will get in February, but it was almost like spring arrived. One Sunday we walked along Lake Ontario and it was like a summer day, the next Sunday at the Lake it was snowing. I really enjoyed the walk along the lake in the snow more!! Call me crazy, but I love the winter! It makes you feel alive, plus it makes you appreciate your nice warm house even more. hehe Just a few local reviews in this section, so enjoy! Nows the time to start thinking about your summer vactions plans.. Half the fun of a vacation is Planning it:-)

I just came across this site today in an e-mail from Now I do buy lots from amazon, but I can't believe they are recommending this site. Being that I love finding hotel deals. I thought I would check it out. Hotwire states that if you find the same hotel as you booked with them for cheaper, within 48 hours of booking, they will refund you double the difference. Well being that I had already made some future reservations, I just figured I would see if they could do better. I entered the city and the dates,, and before they could tell me what was available I had to register.. I really HATE registering for something until I'm ready to purchase. but I did. After having to put in a fake zip code, cause they told me my zip code was invalid. Another thing that really irks me is website forms that won't accept a Canadian Postal code. I'm am really impressed when I find a web site that will accept them and also list the provinces along with the states. OK now for their rules.. Don't laugh too hard!

     *You have 1 hour to book!

     *NO refunds or cancellations!

     *they don't tell you the hotel name or location until after you have made the booking and paid with your credit card!
Who in their right mind,, would pay for a room they couldn't cancel and also without knowing what hotel it is or the street address???? So then after reading all the rules, I find out no hotels were available in the area I selected, so I chose another area and they came up with ONE hotel for $54.. which I know the area well and I know I could get many good rooms at a better rate or even the same.. I found one for $46. So like I always say,,, Use my accommodations page and shop around at all the chains and find the best deal yourself!! Any comments on this? Or if you need any advice on making reservations,, email me One more thing that helps me make reservations in a place where I have never been to is to read up on the area from chamber of commerce websites and also if your into chatting, find a local chat room for that area and ask about the locations. I just changed a reservation because of a few chat friends telling me the hotel I booked (even though it was a good chain) was located in a very bad part of town.
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar - Oshawa *****

The One thing about Keg Restaurants that bothers me is that they don't open till 4pm This restaurant is located in the parking lot of the Oshawa Center (the biggest mall in our area) We tried to go for dinner one Saturday night after Christmas shopping and they were lined out the door. So I called to make a reservation for the friday after Valentines Day and was told there were no reservations it was on a first come first serve basis and they started seating at 4:30. We arrived around 5:30pm and they were filling up fast already. The hostess was seating someone, so the other girl took care of us. I said we would like a table for 2 in the smoking section. She said the place is filling up fast,(I was thinking, does this mean you have a table or not?) so she proceded to take us to the dining room. I had to say,, wait we want a table where we can smoke, so she then said the lounge is getting full too but as we saw there were lots of tables and we found a nice one in the back corner by the fireplace. (I was thinking What part of SMOKING section don't you understand?) Anyways the waitress came right over to the table and asked us for our drink order, which I would of liked a little more time to look over the drink menu, but fast service is always better than no service. The drink menu had many good choices, all at reasonable prices. I had a whiskey and diet coke (or Rye as they call it in Canada) If I had more time to look over the menu I'm sure I would of ordered something blue and frozen with an umbrella in it. hehehe Well I don't know if they have umbrellas but there was sure lots to choose from. I do like the variety on the dinner menu. Its mostly all steaks but thats what we came for. We both decided on the prime-rib. I had the regular size that came with all the trimmings,, huge ceaser salad, baked potato, and mixed vegetables. I like the fresh chives that the Keg puts on their potatos. I have never seen chives that big before. They must use miracle grow to get them that big. My husband had the Queen prime rib that came with garlic mashed potatoes (his favorite) and onion straws. It worked out good, because he ate most of my ceaser salad, and I ate most of his onion straws. The onion straws are very thinly sliced onions, battered and fried. Almost like what you get in the can, only hot and fresh. The only thing we weren't pleased with was the prime rib.. We both ordered medium,, the waitress told us medium rare was the least you could get it and that medium would be pink,, Well our cuts looked medium rare, but that didn't bother us. It just seemed a slight bit tough, and didn't have the usual prime rib flavor. But like I said it was still edible. And we had enough food to turn down dessert. The one thing that did impress me was someone going around from table to table passing out samples of a beef dijon sandwich. But we were too full to even have a sample. After the $25. gift certificate we had, the bill came to $32. The music wasn't overbearing although it was quite noisey,, but that was only because of all the people. The atmosphere was nice, and the service was exceptional.

La Senza Lingerie*****

Well you might be thinking,, what does Lingerie have to do with Day Tripping? Well alot actually! You don't want to take your old flannel p.j's with you when your staying in a nice hotel? Since Valentines Day was this month I figured this would be appropriate to give the store a plug, plus nows the time to buy with all the winter sales. We went to La Senzas in the Oshawa Center after our dinner at the Keg to pick out $100 worth of merchandise we had won. I entered my husband in a Valentines day contest with a local radio station am1350 and they read my letter on the air. Being that the mall was having big sales, we ended up getting $249. worth of merchandise on sale for $94. So with the taxes and our gift certificate we only had to pay $6.95. cool huh? The service at the store was great and they will box the items for you with nice little scented beads thrown in, or just in the bottom of the bag if you like. So check and see if theres a store in your area, or you can shop online by visiting this site.. La Senza Lingerie

Oshawa Generals Hockey***** (2-26-02)

Hockey, What a blast! Now I see why Canadians enjoy it so much. This was my first Hockey game I attended in Canada, thanks to tickets from am1350. This was a home game played at the Oshawa Civic Arena and had over 2000 in attendence. Which amazed me for a Tuesday evening. The Oshawa Generals were playing the Kingston Frontenacs. Well this turned into another Olympic hockey game to me. Being American I didn't know what team to cheer for in the Olympics, but I do know when I lived in America I always cheered for the Canadian teams to win. Now with my love for the Kingston/1000 Islands Area (I vacationed there since I was born in 59) I again didn't know which team to cheer for. But I decided I would just enjoy the game, after all its not who wins, but how you play the game! (yea right:-) And after looking at the player rosters, I saw the teams were made up of players from all areas of Canada and even a few from NY. Well it was definately an exciting game. I never knew how brutal it was, untill you see a players face smashed up againt the glass right in front of you and the look of pain in their eyes. I don't know how they do it! I was so worried they would get hurt, and the force in which that puck would hit the glass (plexiglass I would imagine) I was in fear of myself getting a concussion if one would fly up and hit me. hehehe All in all the Frontenacs beat the Generals 4-3 (I was secretly smiling) and the rest of the crowd seemed very somber.

Well you are probably saying some wussie woman wrote this who don't know jack about hockey, but now that I saw a game, I LOVE IT, in fact if I went to a game and didn't see all the pushing and shoving and force, I would say it was a boring game. And I guess once I learn it a little better, I will know who to cheer for. I see so much Pride, Support, and Loyalty in the Canadians for their local teams, and the attendence showed it!! I did see a game once in the states, It was the NJ Devils vs the Blackhawks, but it really didn't interest me too much, and I sure didn't see the enthusiasm that I witnessed with the Generals and the Frontenacs. Good Game!!! and I hope all the players have hot tubs to go home to after the game, because it looks to me they must go home mighty sore!

And thanks again to am1350 for opening my eyes to this wonderful sport!