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Lake Scugog is busy, even in the winter.

This pretty little town has lots to do anytime of the year. It is especially nice at Christmas time, with all the decorations, it really puts you in the Holiday spirit. From ice skating, snow-mobiling and motorcycle races on the lake on Sundays in January and February you can find plenty of action. But my favorite passtime is always The Great Blue Heron Casino on Island Road on Scugog Island.

One of Port Perrys famous residents was Daniel David Palmer, the founding father of Chiropractic.

Port Perry Area Links

Downtown Port Perry*****
We walked from one end of the town to the other, visiting the many shops. A nice variation of everything imaginable.
Scugog Shores Historical Museum
n/r I haven't visited this Museum but it looks like a must see the next time I'm on my way to the Casino!
The Great Blue Heron Casino*****
My favorite Casino, being its only 20 minuets away! And the prime rib buffet is excellent!
Port Perry IGA*****
What a great idea! Online shopping, great for the seniors and everyone especially on a cold winter day.
The Ghost of Scugog Island - Believe it or not
An interesting story that been going around for years. I'll have to check it out sometime and let you know what I see.
Haugens Chicken & Ribs BBQ
(review coming soon)I can't wait to try this place out. Reminds me of a Happy Days type drive-in restaurant. We will have to get out the Grand National and head on up to Haugens on Cruise Night!
Goreski's Lakeside Recreation
It looks like this place has everything! Marinas, pools, camping, and all kinds of recreation! We will have to check it out this summer!
Scugog Cruises - Port Perry*****
Dinner Cruises on the Woodman. Pictures of the launching coming soon!
Francesco's Ristorante - Port Perry*****
Reviews of Francesco's and The Woodman
Port Perry/Scugog Township Heritage Gallery
The heritage of the Lake Scugog / Port Perry Area
The Grenadier - Military memorbilia*****
One of the quaint stores in Port Perry. I enjoy the toy soldiers, as I have a collection which was my fathers.
Discover Port Perry
Everything Port Perry has to offer.

I never thought my van was an amphibious vehicle. Well that only happens in the winter when the Lake turns to ice. It is an odd feeling driving your vehicle out onto a lake which you usually are cruising across with your boat. To me it felt funny, but to many Canadian's it is a favorite winter passtime. From motorcycle races, ice skating and snow mobiles, Lake Scugog comes alive in the winter.

Our friend Mike, pictured below, is a regular to the Sunday races on the lake.

Motorcycle races on the Lake every Sunday in January and February. As of 2006 and a few accidents where the motorcycles slid into the crowds of spectators, barriers have been set up to keep the crowds safe.