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August 2001 Day Trip to The Keg Mansion (steakhouse) ***

We took the 30 minute drive into the big city (Toronto) to visit my husbands Mother. She was taking us out to dinner for my birthday celebration at the The Keg Steakhouse. I had imagined that we were just going to visit one of the many Keg Restuarants in the chain, but to my surprise I found this place really charming. This particular Keg is located on 515 Jarvis Street and is set in the mansion formerly owned by A.M. McMaster and then Hart Massey (grandfather of actor Raymond Massey). It has a lot of history to it and is just beautiful inside. Segments of the movie Moonstruck and eposides of Hitchcock Presents were filmed here and it was also featured on "Hauntings" The only drawback to this fine atmosphere and good food was the loud music we were blasted with as soon as we entered the front door. We asked for a smoking section and were taken to the second floor which was the bar area. It wasn't a huge bar and there were lots of booths and tables which were spread out very nicely. And then MORE loud music. Well I know a bar should have loud music, but that is usually if there is a big bar crowd and then so maybe starting at 10pm not 4pm which was the time we arrived. We even asked the manager to turn it down so we could hear ourselves talk, which he did a slight bit and explained it was company policy to have the music feed at a louder level in the bar area. BULL**** I could understand if the bar was crowded, but the 4 or 5 tables of patrons that were there, were just there for dinner and to converse with their friends. It just took away from the whole ambiance of the beautiful history of the mansion. I would recommend going to this restaurant, just for the beauty of it, and if the musics loud, tell them. Maybe they will get the hint. What ever happened to the customer is always right?

Rideau Waterways-Weekend Trip

Westport, Ontario CAP Site Homepage *****
A beautiful little town with lots of stores and restaurants and pubs.
Foley Mountain - Westport, Ontario *****
Theres nothing like the view of the town from the lookout on top of Foley Mountain Conservation Area
Chaffey's Lock *****
If you never experienced seeing a lock system this is a very interesting sight to behold. Also a good spot for a picnic or some fishing.
Cobblestones at Bolingbroke (unrated, since we didn't stay there but very beautiful!!)
Charming cottages to rent by Farren Lake, just outside of Westport
Sharbot Lake *****
Another very nice lake community!!

Waiting for the Lock to fill at Chaffey's

GREEN SHINGLE LODGE on Wolfe Lake, Westport, Ontario *****+

If you want a beautiful lake vacation and don't want to bother with cooking or cleaning then Green Shingle Lodge is the place to go!! Just check out the photos below. Green Shingle is not only beautiful, but very clean and the food is fabulous!! If your ever in the area, make a reservation for a delicious meal at Green Shingle Lodge and see for yourself.(special buffets in the summer too) And if your from the States, with the exchange rate its an exceptional value! Just wish I had some U.S. money cause I would stay here for the whole summer:-)
I am sad to announce that Green Shingle Lodge will only be a fond memory to everyone who ever stayed there or enjoyed a fabulous home cooked dinner there. The doors were closed for good at the end of the 2006 season, and it is now known as Wolfe Springs Golf & Waterfront resort.

Green Shingle Lodge

The Single Bedroom Cabins

The Front Porch of Green Shingle Lodge

A skier on Wolfe Lake
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