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Gananoque - Gateway to the Canadian 1000 Islands

There is a gate located at each of the three entrances to the town of Gananoque. Gananoque is an Indian name which has been translated to mean "the place of health" or "the place where water ran over the rocks"

One of my favorite passtimes is to plan a trip and shop around for the best rate. We would be getting a late start to head back to Pennsylvania from Toronto for the Easter Holidays, so we decided to book a room. We usually like to get as far as Watertown, New York but all their hotels seemed to raise their rates back to the summer rates. The usual room we would get for $40 US with a coupon was now $60. US which would convert to nearly $100. Canadian, so we decided to find a room in Gananoque, Ontario. Plus we really love Gananoque and it was December 1999 that we got engaged there. After shopping around I found a 2 room whirlpool suite at the Comfort Inn for only $89. CAD. A standard room would of been only about $55.

The staff here was very friendly and informative.

The jacuzzi was great. The room was nice and clean and had a decent size refrigerator and a microwave, pull out couch, desk, 2 televisions, and patio doors to a back deck.

Blinkbonnie Harbour Inn *****

Clarion Inn and Conference Center

50 Main Street
Gananoque, Ontario

For many years we wanted to stay at the Blinkbonnie Inn, but were always leary of non-chain hotels. Clarion bought out the Inn in 2007 and gave it a makeover, so we planned a two night get-away in August and loved the location as it is much closer to the waterfront than other hotels we have stayed at in Gananoque. READ MORE

Restaurant Reviews in Gananoque

MacNeil's Landing Restaurant *****

790 King Street East
Gananoque, Ontario

Gananoque is one of our favorite little towns, thus our excuse to spend a night while passing through on a trip back to the states. On my big move to Canada from the states, MacNeil's Landing was the restaurant we had dinner at the night my husband and I got engaged, so it has always been a favorite of ours. MacNeil's has changed ownership since our first vist and has greatly improved. READ REVIEW

650 King Street East
Gananoque, Ontario

The Comfort Inn gave us a $1. off coupon for the Lobster Trap. My husband is not a fan of seafood, but since I love seafood, he said lets try it. It was exactly 8:30 pm when we arrived at the Lobster Trap, which was a short walk down King Street from MacNeil's. My family always makes a visit to the Lobster Trap when they are in Gananoque, but they did say it wasn't as good as it usually was the last time they were here. This was my first time. The Lobster Trap is part of the Quality Inn. The Quality Inn used to be the Days Inn. This was where we stayed back in 1999 and the pipes rattled all night. I hope since the Quality Inn took over and did major renovations that they solved this problem! It does look like they improved alot!

The waitress was very friendly and my husband ordered a strip steak, and asked her to tell the chef to please cut off the strip of fat, as he always orders it this way. He ordered the rice, and I ordered the fried seafood combo with a baked potato. His dinner arrived with a very fatty steak and a baked potato. I mentioned that he ordered rice, and the waitress grabbed his whole plate and took it back, instead of saying "I'll bring your rice right out" Anyways she did bring the plate back out with the potato still on it and said the rice will be awhile and my husband said, it really don't matter, so we heard her tell the chef to forget the rice.

My seafood was good, my potato was piping hot, but hard in the middle. The waitress was super friendly, but just doing so looking for a good tip (which she was lucky she got the $3 we left her) and not concerned about her customers. She didn't bring us the desert tray as she did the other tables. She should of apoligized for screwing up the rice and should of said eat the potato if you would like until I bring out the rice you ordered. She should of noticed that the so called piece of steak (FAT) was still on my husbands plate. The whole thing was all gristle, even I could see this, the chef never even cut the strip of fat off. People might say,, well you don't order steak at a seafood restaurant, but I say if they can't cook a decent steak, then why have it on the menu.

Our bill was over $60 which included a $6.95 frozen marguerita which was the best thing on the menu. I don't mind paying alot for a decent meal, but in my opinion we would of had a better meal at long john silvers for $10.

We will never go there again for dinner, but we do love their breakfast.

The Casino was not far from the hotel and I would say that the Ramada Inn is the closest. The Ramada Inn used to be the Best Western provinical. The Best Western is now located across the street in the property that housed the former Country Squire Motel. The Days Inn is now the Quality Inn, and the Parkway Islands Inn had signs up to become a Howard Johnsons, but that never happened. Did I confuse you yet? hehehe There have been many changes in Gananoque since the addition of the Casino in the summer of 2002.

It is still a bit of a walk on a busy part of the 1000 islands parkway where the 401 off-ramp ends and I think they need some kind of easier and safer walkway to the casino or better yet a shuttle service to and from all the hotels in town. I think that they recently added a shuttle in the summer months.


1000 Islands area- Ivy Lea, Boat Cruises, etc
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Festival of the Islands
The town of Gananoque celebrates for 10 days in August with concerts, shore dinners, crafts, rides, fireworks and much more.
Boldt Castle - In Search of the Lost Story
The controversial book written by Paul Malo questions the love story of Boldt Castle.
The 1000 Islands - Ian Coristine
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1000 Island Skydeck
A breathtaking view from the observation deck located on Hill Island between the bridges.

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