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It was always our dream to visit the largest and fastest SuperSpeedway "TALLADEGA", so after planning out our route, and makeing some reservations before hand we embarked on what would be a 2400 mile roundtrip journey from Canada to Alabama. First thing was to locate a hotel close to the racetrack for 3 nights, as that is harder than getting tickets to the race. The closest I was able to find was a Hampton Inn in Birmingham (40 miles away) for $87 a night which is an excellent price because alot of the hotels will raise there rates to over $200 a night for a 3 night minimum stay. We also booked 2 Holiday-Inns for along the way, with the first night being in Miamisburg Ohio and the second night at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo Complex in Tennessee. Our first mistake was the first hotel was an 8 hour drive from our home, which we arrived to late to enjoy the beautiful indoor pool and our 2nd mistake was that we should of allowed 2 days in Chattanooga, as there is so much to see and do in this town. We would stay at the Miamisburg Ohio Holiday Inn again as they had extra touches that made the stay enjoyable, such as bottled water and an apple, and some fig newtowns in the room, along with a nice welcome letter. The room service was superb and the entire hotel was clean and a very friendly atmosphere! On the other hand, we were very dissapointed in the Chattanooga Choo-Choo Holiday Inn, most of the added benefits of the Hotel were seasonal and they seemed to be charging extra for everthing, including trying to charge us $10 more for our room at checkout (which was confirmed) and trying to tack on 15% for the singing servers at the hotel restaurant, in addition to the gratuity.

Ohio & Kentucky

Miamisburg, Ohio Holiday Inn - just below Dayton, Ohio *****My husband stayed here on his family trips to Florida and the place was still as nice as he remembered, even better! Great Service and Excellent Meals and Room Service. They cater to their guests!

Fairfield Inn - Corbin Kentucky ***** This was by far the nicest and cleanest hotel we stayed in, on our whole trip. We were suprised to find out it was a dry county, good thing we had some beer and wine. The pool was great and the staff were friendly!

The Holiday Inn in Miamisburg Ohio had a beautiful Indoor Pool and game complex! And great room service!

We knew that the outdoor pool was seasonal, but the whole property was well maintained! Holiday Inn Miamisburg, Ohio

We stayed at the Fairfield Inn in Corbin Kentucky on our way home. Very Clean and Friendly Hotel. And the indoor pool was GREAT!

We found a Krystal Burger restaurant next door to the hotel in Corbin. Krystal Burgers are tiny square paper thin burgers like White Castle. The Vidila Onion rings were good though.


Tennessee Aguarium & IMAX theater - Chattanooga
n/r Time didn't allow us to visit here.
Chattanooga Choo Choo - Holiday Inn
*** I expected more, but it was an experiance to visit there ONCE! In fact I was kind of dissapointed with alot of the services not in operation.
Ruby Falls - Lookout Mountain - Chattanooga
*****Ruby Falls was spectacular! More beautiful then I imagined. Well worth the money!
Rock City - Lookout Mountain
n/r We didn't get here either, but from what I hear, its beautiful.
Lookout Mountain Attractions - Incline Railway
So much to see and do in Chattanooga, I would recommend getting a hotel at Lookout Mountain, rather than the Choo-Choo or downtown Chattanooga.

The Lobby of the Hotel was really impressive!

The original Chattanooga Choo Choo

The view of the pool from our balcony. Notice the green scunge in the right side of the pool.

This was the other outdoor pool and it was totally GREEN.

This was the only indoor pool and it was filled with a kiddy pizza party going on.

Ruby Falls Lookout Mountain Chattanooga

Overlooking Chattanooga from Lookout Mountain

Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls

Walking though the caverns inside Ruby Falls


Hampton Inn -Mountain Brook, Alabama

Talladega Super Speedway

Kevin Harvick done qualifying

Turn 1

Last Turn, that little speck is a car!

The Garages at Dega