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Pickering, east of Toronto, is the town where my husband grew up. It has grown in population quite a bit since then, but there is still some nice country to explore. One of the new landmarks which you will notice, either by car or by boat is the huge wind gennerator at the Pickering power generation plant.

This above picture was taken on a bitter cold January day in 2002 when my husband and I wanted to get up close to take a look. The rest of the photos on this page are from April 2004 when my brother came up for a visit. I wanted him to see the waterfront and marinas that Pickering had to offer.

We found a good shortcut which led us right to the base of the turbine.

It was unbelieveable the swooshing sound you could hear from underneath. They say the pod is the size of two greyhound buses.

We then proceded to walk over to the check out the marina when we were almost attacked.

We didn't even notice the mother goose nesting, when father goose decided to chase us away. And he meant business! THE NERVE! After all, I think someone should tell them that they are supposed to be in Florida, and not stay in Canada.

Everyone thinks that all geese fly south, well not in Ontario. Unfortunatly there are way too many here. And this is why.....

Much to our surprise the Kawartha Voyageur was docked here for the winter. Not sure if its every winter, or just to get some maintenance done. I still wonder how it fit though the narrow channel entering Frenchmans Bay?

Later that summer, I saw her cruising though the 1000 Islands. There is a number of five day cruises that you can take on the Kawartha Voyageur. From the Big Chute to Peterborough on the Trent Severn, Peterborough to Kingston or Kingston to Ottawa.

The Kawartha Voyageur in the 1000 Islands

One of the major draws to Pickering is the Pickering Markets, Canada's largest indoor market.

They have a new location, which I haven't visited yet. The old location was at Brock Road but was moved for a Walmart/Sams Club. Yes we finally got a Sams Club in Pickering. I go there often and prefer it over Costco's, a favorite of Canadians. I guess it is because I can finally get my huge jar of maraschino cherrys, which I need to make cherry poppers. (drain jar of cherries, and fill with vodka, rum or grain, enjoy!)

Waterfront Dining Bistro & Bar

590 Liverpool Road
Pickering, ON
The Waterfront Dining Bistro & Bar is a popular boating destination. We decided to check it out, and was surprised that at this time of year it was still open. There were a few people at the bar, and a few having lunch. There is fine dining, but yet casual, on the first floor, and from the albums on display, it looks like they host quite a few weddings.

My husband and I went back later in the summer for lunch, and had a nice outdoor table on the second level overlooking the marina and Frenchman's bay. I have heard that their dinner is the better option, and by the looks of the tables and floor outside, it looked like they had a hopping party the night before. I do enjoy the atmosphere.


Ontario Power Generation - Operations
Read all about the Wind Turbine here.
Rouge Park
A beautiful area for hiking and enjoying the outdoors.
Pickering Markets
Canada's largest indoor market. You can spend a whole day here.
Frenchmans Bay Marina
Home to the Pickering Yacht Club.
Herongate Barn Dinner Theatre
A lovely dinner theatre in a barn setting.
Swans Marina
Canada's largest sailboat dealers and suppliers of Catalina
The Waterfront Dining Bistro & Bar
A nice place to have dinner or just a drink on the upper patio.
Millennium Square
Pickering's Waterfront Parks