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Once upon a time there where two mechanics who kept a clean shop. One day a new parts delivery person from RPG crossed paths with these two mechanics, and thus the story of "The Paper Caper"
Whenever this driver would deliver parts to their shop, the two mechanics noticed after he dropped off the parts they would find the remnants of the invoice, on the floor, on the counter, outside on the pavement....EVERYWHERE except for the Trash can. This really irked the two mechanics.

A simple little thing, to just throw the scraps of the invoice in the butcket next to the cash register, this driver never did, EVER. The other parts drivers either use the trash bucket, or some just have a bag in their car.
The mechanics got sick of picking up after this driver, and decided to politely get a point across to him. So the next time the driver came to deliver parts they decided to give him back all the scraps he left there.

ALL OF THEM!! hehehe Well, with a little help from the other parts drivers who had all their scraps in a litter bag in their vehicles.
And not just tell him about it, but to hope that he would remember the next time, they put the scraps all in the inside of his car.

The driver couldn't imagine who vandilzed his car with tons of scraps from the invoices?

It was beyond him what had happened, so he went back inside to complain and ask who was going to clean it up. Well the answer he got was a lesson well learned, DON'T LITTER, no matter how small the paper is.

Well we hope he learned his lesson and glad he was a good sport about it, or next time he will get confetti in his blower vents. hehehehe

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