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50 Main Street Gananoque, Ontario 1-613-382-7272

As I always mention, Gananoque is one of my favorite towns to visit any time of the year. Since we always get better deals in the Winter, it is nice to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the summer tourist season. This is one of the handful of motels in Gananoque that is seasonal, and they close for the winter. I do hope that they will change this in the future. The Blinkbonnie is is just a short walk to the many attractions that Gananoque has to offer. The Playhouse, the Waterfront and shops, and the quaint downtown.

After reading some negative reviews about this Inn and the condition of their rooms, I was hoping since Clarion took over it would be much better, and at least the room we had was clean and beautiful. I do see there are still some negative reviews on so they may not have renovated all of the rooms. To which I will give you some advice. If you don't like the room that you are in, complain to the manager and ask for a better room. And if all else fails, make sure you send your complaints to the hotel chain.

The fireplace worked, and the refrigerator and microwave were brand new.

Although a bit small, the jacuzzi was clean and comfortable and the shower, pictured below, was one of the very few I ever enjoyed in a hotel, as it was spotless and clean.

The dining room was a different story. We had prompt courteous service, but the menu was a bit limited. A steak is always a good choice, but for some strange reason they only had one steak left. I can see this happening in the Winter months, but in the middle of the busy tourist season, it is inexcusable. But I had to dine there, after all the dining room is my namesake. "Rebecca's Dining Room" I did not like the free continental breakfast either, as I did not think that there was much of a selection. I would have enjoyed it more if the dining room was open and serve a full breakfast, rather then us getting in our car and driving up town to eat. But all in all, we will go there again, and do hope that they will open in the Winter months.

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